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What you need to know:

We do our best to mail letters containing information about the construction process to every home in our territory. This letter is full of information about the construction of our fiber network and how it will affect your property. Sometimes these letters get misplaced or lost in the mail, so we've linked it here for you to check out.

We need your help, too.

We have also included more information about locating non-utility lines on your property below. Feel free to call our contractor, Trans-Tel, at (405) 310-0796 with any questions you may have.


Locating buried non-utility lines on your property

Helping us locate buried non-utility lines (and anything past your meters) on your property will help avoid accidents. You can mark these lines by using yard flags, spray painting the approximate lines on your lawn or by speaking with our crew's foreman on site.


What kinds of lines you'll need to locate:

  • Sprinkler systems
  • Propane lines
  • Buried electric fences
  • Drainage pipes
  • Water, electric, and/or natural gas lines past the meter- these are considered private, so utility companies typically locate their side of the lines, which might not include the additional lines running through your yard.
  • Future backyard projects- if you're planning on doing renovations in your backyard in the coming months or years, such as digging a pool, let us know. We can run our lines around your planned project area to prevent having to move our lines once the future project construction begins.


Here are a few resources to help you locate these lines:

Okie 811

Okie 811 is the go-to resource for locating buried utility lines. Click on 'Learn More' below and scroll to the bottom section titled Service & Private Lines to learn more about companies who are here to help you locate private lines.

Learn More


USIC specializes in locating, marking, and mapping utility lines that are not covered by the Okie 811 Call Before You Dig Process. You can request a private locate through USIC to help locate private buried lines on your property.

Learn More

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