on May 18, 2018 Construction Update

Subscriber Update #2: Most Asked Questions

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Construction has begun and we can be found all over our service area attaching fiber lines to our poles.

Here are some answers to the most asked questions I've been receiving so far:
  • What do the "rings" on the map really mean? The colored rings on the map simply indicate the path by which all of OEC's electric substations will be connected. Remember, the first priority is connecting our substations with our headquarters in Norman. The closer you live to the colored lines, the more likely you are to be among the first set of members offered fiber-to-the-home. Eventually, everyone living within the confines of the map as a whole will be offered OEC Fiber service. The further away you are from the lines, the longer it will be until our internet service will be available to you, but it WILL be available at some point. 
  • What areas will receive fiber-to-the-home first? We will use data collected from those who subscribe at www.OECFiber.com to determine where demand is the greatest, which will help prioritize the eventual build-out of OEC Fiber. It is important to remember that construction of this magnitude takes time, and we are determined to offer this service to all who want it. 
  • I'm not an OEC member, can I still get OEC Fiber? The ultimate goal is to offer fiber-to-the-home to every OEC member. Along the way, we are exploring ways we can offer it to non-OEC members. We plan to have the entire system built in roughly five years. Keep in mind it has taken 81 years for OEC to build and maintain a system that provides electricity to 43,000 members.

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Again, thank you for your interest. If you have questions, you may contact me at info@oecfiber.com. We'll update you again soon!

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David Goodspeed

David is the OEC Fiber President