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Subscriber Update #1: Construction Has Begun!

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Thank you for being as excited as we are about the future of fiber-to-the-home broadband internet. OEC's members have been underserved or unserved for far too long, and while the ultimate goal is to offer this much-needed service to your homes, our first priority is ensuring our infrastructure is connected so we can continue to provide our members with highly reliable electric service.

Construction Has Begun!

We have begun preparing OEC's existing infrastructure to handle the extra weight the fiber will add. We are excited to be working with Trans-Tel, a Norman-based telecommunications construction company, to conduct all of our main line construction. They have begun connecting our Norman substations with our headquarters on 24th Avenue Northwest, then they will follow the paths on the map until all of our substations are connected.

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Spread the Word!

Help us share the news of OEC Fiber with your neighbors and friends by requesting door hangers and other marketing materials to distribute throughout your neck of the woods (click here!). Be sure to also share our website —www.OECFiber.com — on your community social media pages.

Again, thank you for your interest. If you have questions, you may contact our Fiber team at info@oecfiber.com. We'll update you again soon!


Kayla Brandt

Kayla is the OEC Fiber Creative Director