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Update Insider Pricing Packages

Subscriber Update #5: Pricing is Here!

Have you been wondering how much OEC Fiber will cost? Are you tired of hearing ‘affordable and accessible’ when asking about fiber package prices? Are...

Construction Update Build Out Phase

Subscriber Update #4: Our Internet Packages

With summer behind us and fall on the horizon, we have several updates to share with you about the progress of OEC Fiber’s build out. We have stayed e...

Construction Update

Subscriber Update #3: Our Progress and Process

It’s been a little over a month since we last touched base with everyone, but you can rest assured we are moving as quickly as we can through the cons...

Construction Update

Subscriber Update #2: Most Asked Questions

Construction has begun and we can be found all over our service area attaching fiber lines to our poles. Here are some answers to the most asked quest...

Update Construction

Subscriber Update #1: Construction Has Begun!

Thank you for being as excited as we are about the future of fiber-to-the-home broadband internet. OEC's members have been underserved or unserved for...