OEC Fiber Ring Map

Our ring map below shows the path of our build out. We have to begin by connecting our rings to our substations, better known as fiber huts, before we can begin hooking up homes and businesses. The rings are just the start - we will build into and out from these rings to eventually serve all OEC members and other subscribers along the way.
OEC Fiber Ring Map

How to Read the Ring Map

Why rings?

These rings provide the basic communication infrastructure throughout our entire fiber system. We have to put these lines into place before we can power up our system and bring you fiber services.

Fiber Huts

There are a total of 21 fiber huts spread throughout our rings. These fiber huts connect to OEC's electric substations. By connecting electric substations with fiber, we enhance the quality of electricity provided to OEC members while providing a network to bring you high-speed fiber services.

What if I'm not inside of a ring?

These rings just represent our basic infrastructure. Just because you're outside of a ring doesn't mean we won't be coming your way. We will build out from and into these rings. Make sure you're signed up for updates so we can see that you're interested.

What if I'm not in the first couple of rings? When will you be in my area?

Just because you aren't in Ring 1 doesn't mean service won't be available to you sooner rather than later. We will be opening up service in areas that are ready as soon as we can, which may end up being outside of numerical order. Also, we won't slow down the build out in all rings while we are connecting other subscribers to our services - we will have crews working at full speeds throughout all rings to get fiber services to your area as quickly as possible.

How will you know to come to my neighborhood?

Signing up for updates and spreading the word to your neighbors is the best way to make sure we'll be coming to your neighborhood when we're ready to install fiber in your area. If there is a lot of interest surrounding your home or business (which is determined by mapping those signed up for updates), we will know that you’re waiting on us to make it to you. This helps us bring you service faster, so make sure to spread the word to your neighbors and friends!

How quickly can you get here?

How quickly we make it to your home or business depends on where you are located on the map and in relation to the rings. Once our fiber optic network rings are built out, we will be able to begin hooking up homes and businesses that lie within a certain radius of the ring lines. And don’t worry if you aren’t in that approximate 500-foot radius - it doesn’t mean we won’t be hooking you up! It just means you may need to be a bit more patient as we continue to build out to you.